Printed labels
can come in many different sizes which will be determined by several factors. These factors include the intended use of printed labels, the requirements of the purchaser and the equipment available to the printer. Printed labels can be made to stick to an object by the addition of an adhesive.

Adhesives can be water, rubber or acrylic based. There are basically two
types of adhesive which can be used on a label, dry gum and pressure
sensitive. With dry gum labels a glue which can be remoistened is applied to the back of the label. This is reactivated when moisture is applied and then the label can be stuck to the object. Pressure sensitive labels are made up of three parts, the liner, the adhesive and the paper or vinyl label. The label will stick when pressure is applied.

Water based adhesives would not be used where the label will be exposed to moisture or humidity. A rubber based adhesive stick quickly and hard but can break down under exposure to UV light. Acrylic based adhesives can be moved when the printed label is first applied but bond firmly over a period of time. The adhesive layer is generally applied over the entire sticking surface but can be applied in a pattern if only specific areas need to be adhesive.

Vinyl, Polyester, Polyethylene and acetate labels are more durable than
paper for printed labels. They are better for outdoor use or in places where the labels may come into contact with water, sunlight or abrasion.

Clear Vinyl labels are hard-wearing and durable and because they are
transparent, can be used as an invisible seal, so making them ideal for
packaging and gift-wrapping. The printing of a company logo can personalise your printed labels.

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