A label applicator allows one to apply a label onto a package; however one label applicator may work differently than another. One kind of a label applicator requires that the user of the label applicator apply the label manually. This kind of label applicator has no mechanism that physically or automatically attaches the label to the package, so the person handling the device must determine where to place the label. If error in placement is an issue, a manually-applied label applicator is not entirely useful.

A semi-automatic label applicator is less cost-effective than a manual label applicator, but applies the labels in a more precise location. Semi-automatic models work well for small production runs, but will not handle extensive tasks the way a fully automatic label applicator will. However, a semi-automatic label applicator will be more portable than one that is automatic, making it the choice for projects requiring versatility in labelling projects.

A fully automatic label applicator may cost the most but is the most dependable for large jobs and those that require newer technologies such as RFID and other tracking systems on the labels themselves. Many larger retailers ask for these kinds of labels on products sold in their stores using this label applicator.

Each label applicator also has a certain way of applying the labels onto the product. A wipe-on label applicator works well in applying labels that are pressure-sensitive. Wipe-on label applicators are the standard for most industries.

A blow-on and tamp-on label applicator work better for products that have grooves or low level parts of the package and the labels need to be placed in a precise location. Each kind of label applicator offers its own unique way of applying a label, and surprisingly the difference matters, especially when working with a larger project and precision is necessary.

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