A label printer is a computer peripheral (in other words, specialized computer hardware equipment annexed to a host PC) that prints self-adhesive material or card-stock on certain occasions. Although quite similar to regular printers on a glimpse, label printers differ considerably given they require special feed and stock handling mechanisms to work with rolled or tear sheet self-adhesive material.

Another difference between label printers and conventional devices comes when talking about printing on continuous label stock (a common feed for label printers given its uses). During continuous stock printing it is common for the print location to slightly shift from label to label. Although this may be of no importance during conventional printing it may be a critical problem when it comes to label printing. To avoid such complication, label printers use sensors that detect notches, gaps or irregularities between labels. This allows the label printer to adequately adjust the intake of label stock to obtain a well aligned printed output.

Label printers have a very wide variety of applications nowadays. From retail price marking on a medium-sized corner shop to laboratory specimen classification on a research laboratory, label printers can be found fulfilling several roles on today’s ever growing , more automotive industry. Depending on particular necessities (volume, speed, label size, printing characteristics) different equipment types may be selected for such endeavours.

A particular type of label printer with a very specific application is the barcode printer. Barcodes, the machine-readable format used to store particular information regarding products or services, have a lot of everyday uses today. From bubblegum packs to airline flying tickets, barcodes can be found almost everywhere. Barcode printers, depending on size and particular specifications may handle small, medium or large printing rates. For huge warehouses operations an industrial barcode printer may be needed, while desktops equipments can be used at offices and retail shops.

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