Many different companies produce labelling machines with scores of distinctive features and functions for home or office use. There are many different sizes of labelling machines available to cater to the different settings and applications for which it will be utilized. Home users will find that a labelling machine for all of the various projects around the house will grow to become indispensable. Office employees and other workplace members will, too, become attached to their labelling machine for the variety of uses to which it can be applied. To begin with, a labelling machine can be used to mark office files, separate food products in the pantry, differentiate between cable wires and much, much more.

Labelling machines are offered in a variety of colors, sizes, styles and with various user-friendly functions. Perhaps for the office setting a basic black, white or gray model will suit the environment best. In a home setting, however, or even in a less tame office setting, the many florescent, brightly hues and even patterned models of labelling machines will add a splash to the environment. A labelling machine can be found in many different sizes and shapes to please any purchaser. Handheld models are useful for their ability to be easily transported, but table-sitting models are nice, too, for their ease in storage and numerous variations in capabilities.

Depending upon the labelling machine, many functions are available and many different types of label tape can be used. Many of the table-sitting models have variations in their functioning such as those that can connected to a computer, usually both Macintosh and PC friendly, to incorporate such things as graphics or barcodes into label-making. Other models have variations manufactured into their keypads such as specialized fonts, symbols and underlining. In addition, depending upon the model, various types of label tape can be used in labelling machines. There are an assortment of colored, patterned, textured and iron-on labelling tapes available, just to name a few.

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