There is a high demand by small and large business owners for desktop label printers because of their convenience and efficiency. Most desktop label printers use direct thermal technology, which eliminates the costs of expensive inks, ribbons, and toners.

Desktop label printers are easily connected to PCs by USB or serial port for individual use or networking capability. High quality professional labels are produced by desktop label printers, with speed and minimal effort. Many desktop label printers will also print bar coding for storing, shipping, and inventory tracking, and complete customer or medical record information, as well as text and graphics.

The top of the line models of desktop label printers allow 2D bar coding, which contains considerable information and may include detailed patient data such as physician’s name, blood type, account number, and hospital admission date, if any. Complete shipping information can be produced with desktop label printers using bar coding that carefully conceals name, address, and other confidential information about the shipper and the addressee.

Desktop label printers can import software applications to use on a variety of media including self-adhesive or paper labels up to 2” or even 4” wide for marking envelopes, floppy disks, 35mm slides, and video cassettes. Companies will find desktop label printers can be used to print out logos for name tags, reception areas, or convention displays. Desktop label printers are great for home users to use for file folder labels and storage cabinets.

The average print speed for desktop label printers ranges from one to two seconds per label, with a high print resolution of 300 dpi. Desktop label printers are used in every professional office setting including administration, education, government, health care, retail, real estate, accounting, and legal. Trade shows often rely on desktop label printers for their exhibits and displays.

Printing labels with desktop label printers is extremely easy, as they are compatible with most Windows and some Mac operating systems. Desktop label printers use advanced technology and are economical solutions for both business and industry.

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