Decades ago, a label applicator system wasn’t very complicated since it was a manual process with few parts involved. After all, the only function of a label applicator machine was to place the label on the product and that’s it. Hence, the label applicator didn’t require complex processes.

However, global commerce has expanded and the frontiers of the past are crumbling to the thousands of ships and airplanes that cross the world every year. That’s why label applicator technology has become more complex: now it is expected that label applicator systems are up to the challenge.

Thankfully, it is. The label applicator industry has been able to respond to the necessities of the label applicator market. Newer technologies have been embedded to label applicator systems, like automat zed processes and new, 21st century materials.

Among the latest fads in the label applicator industry is the inclusion of RDIF technology to the labels. That way, the actors involved in the supply chain will be able to trace the product until it reaches the hands of the final client.

Another interesting thing about label applicator technology is that now, any business can buy a label applicator. It doesn't matter if it is a small or big organization; there is a label applicator just for its needs.

And that doesn’t mean that the fixed and variable costs of the label applicator will differ a lot. As in the case of desktop computers and desktop printers, a label applicator can be specifically designed for the needs of each costumer.

For example, a small business may need a label applicator for placing labels to its envelopes. Since these envelops can have different sizes, an automatic label applicator may not be the most suitable option. In that case, a manual label applicator is more than enough to satisfy its needs.

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