Finding the right label applicator may have more to do with kind of label it prints (GS1 UPC RFID etc.) than the kind of label applicator (automatic, semi-automatic, wipe-on, blow-on etc). Small companies with few packages to label may not need an automatic label applicator while a company requiring large labelling jobs will certainly require an accurate and fast label applicator.

GS1 is an international organization that creates global standards for efficiency in supply chain management. This includes using barcodes for identification and Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) which allow business partners to have the same reliable data and EPCglobal that uses Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags for tracking purposes. All of these tracking devices can be achieved through a label applicator.

A label applicator allows a business to apply Universal Product Codes (UPC) along with RFID, GDSN, and barcodes. An automatic label applicator will assist a business in being more efficient in tracking packages and managing their supply chain. A label applicator may be a large investment, but an automatic label applicator is able to work extremely fast and precise. To compete for shelf space in some retail stores, a company must use a label applicator to label their products with the correct kind of label. Using a label applicator to adhere barcodes and other tracking numbers to the package allows both the producer and the retailer to track sales.

Search for a label applicator that complies with RFID technology in order to track packages more efficiently. In addition, look for a label applicator that does the job right. Some jobs may require a blow-on applicator versus a wipe-on applicator depending on the shape of the package. An automatic label applicator may not be necessary for a company that only needs to label a small number of packages.

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