Printed labels
are produced on rolls, sheets, fanfolds, or single-cut. These range from a basic one colour printed label to high quality full colour printed labels on paper or synthetic materials; perhaps barcoded or sequentially numbered and then over laminated.

Most of printed labels are produced 'flexographically' but other print
methods are possible such as digital, which is excellent for small
quantities of full colour labels. Flexography is a system of printing on a
rotary press using a water-based ink, it is used especially for printing on
plastic, paper, or cardboard

If a company has a printer that it uses to produce bar codes, it can produce other printed labels using the same printer, including making labels for in-house tracking and identification and for end user identification.

Any software that is used for bar coding is usually very flexible and is
able to assist in the production of labels in many different shapes and
sizes, either with or without bar codes. Bar coding software can usually do number look ups in a database, automatically produce an incremental series of number and insert the correct date. Company logos and other images can also be incorporated into printed labels, so the possibilities are endless.

Label stock, which is the material from which labels are made, is available in many types, including “destructible” which cannot be removed without destroying the label or the item which it is attached too and weather resistant materials for outdoor use.

The appearance of your products can be improved by the addition of printed labels. Printed labels can be purchased from printers who can add your artwork and colour to the labels to give a professional finish to the packaging of your product. Labels can be printed in any size or shape that you require for your product.

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