The Internet offers a variety of desktop label printers to choose from for your personal or business use. Desktop label printers can perform a number of different applications for labels including general identification, cable and wires, packaging, and electrical or electronic components. Desktop label printers have the capability of printing on shrink tubes, strips, wire wraps, tags, and die-cut labels. Compatible with most Windows operating systems, desktop label printers allow you to print directly from your computer desktop.

Desktop label printers are equipped with label design software for graphics, logos, bar codes, and a variety of fonts for versatility and efficiency. Desktop label printers support continuous and die cut media, as well as a baud rate of up to 115,200 bps. In addition, desktop label printers feature easy-to-load cartridges, eight lines of print per label, and 15 characters per line. Desktop label printers can accommodate different colour combinations for tapes and ribbons. The tapes for desktop label printers are available in sizes from ½” to 1”, and a tape supply length of 40 feet or more.

Desktop label printers support numerous types of media including laminated and non-laminated thermal transfer, chemical resistant, synthetic, cast vinyl, and polyester. In addition, desktop label printers support polyolefin shrink tubing, direct thermal, and tamper–evident tape supply. Some top of the line desktop label printers provide additional features such as software with a built-in database of 2000 chemicals linked to various types of label formats.

Users of desktop label printers can simply select the type of chemical involved and the correct label is automatically completed. These powerful, versatile desktop label printers create monochrome or custom color labels or signs at a low cost per unit. Desktop label printers save people and companies considerable time and money. When connected to your PC, these printers have accompanying software that will help guide you through the step-by-step process from previewing to final results.

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