Planning a yard sale can be a daunting task. That's why it's important to have the right supplies on hand. Purchase a good amount of self-adhesive labels from your local office supply store. Self-adhesive labels are available in several different sizes designed for yard sale use. Round multi-coloured self-adhesive labels are perfect for pricing while plain white square self-adhesive labels can be used to categorize item-containing boxes.

First thoroughly clean and dry items to be sold to ensure the self-adhesive labels will stick securely. Any amount of dirt or moisture can cause self-adhesive labels to fall off and cause price confusion at your yard sale. Fortunately self-adhesive labels are inexpensive and replacements can be bought if necessary.

When pricing individual items for a yard sale, coloured self-adhesive labels can be used in a couple of ways. You may decide to neatly write the price of each item on the self-adhesive labels and affix them directly to the items; or you may find it easier to assign each self-adhesive label colour a specific price and just post the prices for your customers to see. Use a piece of white poster board; make a column of the coloured self-adhesive labels next to a list of prices.

Small or plentiful items like toys, books, or VHS tapes can be stored in separate boxes with their prices clearly written on self-adhesive labels and displayed on the box. If you decide to display items on tables be sure to keep the tables well ordered and the self-adhesive labels with the prices in plain view. Remember to use the self-adhesive labels and print in big bold letters NOT FOR SALE any furniture or items you're not prepared to part with. Now you're ready to sit back and enjoy your yard sale's success!

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