It is inexcusable how legislation on the labelling of genetically modified products has failed to embrace additives and derivatives of GM crops.

Food suppliers are unable to determine the difference between GM and conventional crops of soya and maize.

Consumers are unable to take advantage of their undisputed right to exercise choice over whether or not they consume foods containing GM ingredients.

It means that the commercial interests of politicians and farmers have duped them into eating foods that are unproven.

There is no list of agreed European ingredients that don’t need labelling, leaving the food suppliers to interpret which ingredients are exempt. It seems that the EC is reluctant to instruct manufacturers to label all these foods. Indeed, it is suggesting that labelling should be applied only if the GM material can be detected.

This is not only ludicrous, especially when so much GM matter can not be detected, it is irresponsible and totally unfair on the food supplier, retailer and consumer.

When so many independent governments, food suppliers, retailers and consumer watch-dogs are demanding action, I fail to see how the EU can do anything other than comply.

So, if the EU is to maintain its credibility, it must introduce a system of meaningful and consistent labelling on all products that contain GM ingredients and their derivatives.

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