The handheld label applicator is a flexible tool that can be used in home, office, commercial or industrial areas. A handheld label applicator can take many different forms and can tackle any number of tasks.

Let’s look at some popular handheld label applicator uses.

One of the most recognized uses for a handheld label applicator is in the retail environment. We have all see the trigger-based price guns that affix price labelling to products headed for the store’s shelves. These handheld label applicators are in regular use.

Everyone wants to be more organized. That’s why the handheld label applicator has found its way into the home. The garage mechanic may label plastic bins of nuts and bolts. An organized cook may tag areas of his or her shelves or label jars of fresh spices. The organizational options from labelling are almost endless. Home use of label applicators is growing by leaps and bounds.

A handheld label applicator can also be used for unique situations requiring a special touch! In many warehouses and similar areas, for instance, there is often a need to place labels on items that are high off the ground. In cases like this, a long handled, handheld label applicator can make things much easier while simultaneously mitigating the risk stemmed from using a ladder repeatedly to get the job done.

Although many think of label applicators as being the large, fast moving machines toward the end of the assembly line, there are actually many different handheld label applicator tools that help us live more productive and efficient lives. From retail price guns to special tools designed to put labels on the ceiling, the handheld label applicator continues to maintain its popularity.


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