Two new types of temperature-resistant self adhesive label are now available from specialist company Douglas Labels.

Both labels are made from new materials from international manufacturer, 3M. The first, a new HTR (High Temperature Resistant) label, is available plain or pre-printed for use with in-house desktop label printers.

Made from acrylate, the new HTR label is tough and highly resistant to heat, chemicals and adverse environmental conditions. A smooth white matt surface allows for excellent printability by the thermal transfer process used in most desktop printing systems.

The HTR label is very opaque, for good product coverage, and UV resistant to prevent yellowing. The adhesive used matches the heat and chemical resistance of the face material and does not ooze around the label edges. It is suitable for high to medium surface energy plastics.

The second new label consists of a two layer acrylate film which is etched by a laser beam. The laser removes the black top layer exposing the second colour – white – underneath. Text, bar codes, logos and diagrams can all be produced in this way.

Because of the process used, the finished matt image is permanent and the whole label is as tough and heat resistant as its HTR equivalent. The laser printed material is also tamper-evident, as it can’t be removed from most substrates without being destroyed. The modified acrylic adhesive is ideal for use on low energy surfaces such as polypropylene and polyethylene.

The laser-printed label can also be used for printed circuit boards as well as for other forms of durable labelling, such as rating plates.

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