A labelling machine is a helpful addition to any workplace setting or home office and, depending upon its intended use, the most suitable labelling machine can easily be selected from the huge assortment of varieties available. Many well-known office supply and computer parts manufacturers make labelling machines. Within each company that makes labelling machines, many varied models are available. They can be found in a variety of styles, colors and sizes and equipped to handle differing label types and dimensions, contingent on the specific project or projects. Some can even be used in conjunction with a computer if that suits ones needs best.

A labelling machine can be used in a vast assortment of home projects. One useful application for a labelling machine in the home setting is for office organization. Labels can be made to differentiate between files and office supply containers to make cleaning up, separating and putting away papers and other items easy and efficient. Also, labelling machines can be used to mark computer disks to indicate what information has been stored on them. Beyond these uses, many other applications for organization and differentiation in the home office and the household in general can be discovered depending upon the needs of each individual person and family member.

A labelling machine also has many uses in workplace settings. For instance, in a food-based business such as a restaurant, labels can be used to denote differences between products: a container for fresh lettuce, for instance, can be marked with an applicable label.

Additionally, as labels can be added to and easily modified, restaurant employees can even note dates of entry for perishable foods to ensure that spoilage does not occur and past due food is not served to patrons. Another use for labelling machines in the workplace is for creating name badges. As different colored labels of various textures, such as laminated, are available, a labelling machine is a perfect way to produce name badges for every employee in the organization.

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