A label applicator works by fixing a pre-printed label onto a package. Besides the kinds of label applicators (manual, semi automatic, and fully automatic), there are different ways that a label applicator applies the label to the package.

A wipe-on label applicator is a very popular kind of label applicator because wipe-on applicators are versatile and can be wrapped around corners of products or onto curvy or uneven surfaces. The label in a wipe-on label applicator travels as fast as the product and literally wipes on as the package passes the label on the belt.

An air-blow label applicator is resourceful and precise. This kind of label applicator literally blows the label onto a precise spot on the package or product at a specific moment when the product passes the label. Air jets push or blow the label on the correct location using this label applicator.

A tamp-blow label applicator works similarly to an air-blow applicator in that the label is blown onto the package as it goes through the conveyer belt. This kind of label applicator is often grouped with air-blow applicators, but variations on a tamp-blow label applicator can include the option of securing two labels at once onto one package.

Some label printers come equipped with a label applicator so one only needs to buy one machine. The kind of label applicator that comes with the printer will vary. On the other end of the spectrum, a manual applicator requires physical application from a person, but is highly versatile for smaller jobs. With a manual label applicator, the labels themselves are easier to change and the label applicator itself is typically portable. A manual label applicator is not a good choice for those who require large amounts of labels to be applied at one time, so this type of label applicator is best for smaller companies.

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