How does a barcode label printer work? Although they have become quite common, especially in companies were some level of logistics is involved, many of us operate a barcode label printer without even knowing the mechanism inside it. Of course, it isn't necessary to know how a barcode label printer works for using it, but the process behind a barcode label printer is quite interesting.

A couple of decades ago, it was unconceivable a small store with a barcode label printer. A barcode label printer was reserved for huge corporations (for example, Wal-Mart) or printing companies that could afford them. At that time ink-jet technology for consumer products was a far away scenario. Hence, a barcode label printer was a very expensive device.

Thanks to the advances in microelectronics, computers and computer peripherals became very cheap. And the same thing happened to the technology behind a barcode label printer. But, how does a barcode label printer work?

In reality it’s quite simple. A barcode label printer works under the same principle of an ink-jet printer. The barcode label printer receives the data from the computer program, it orders the print head to print the bar code on the label and that's it. You will have your label ready.

So, as you can see, a barcode label printer is, basically, an ink-jet printer that has been built for that specific purpose. You only need labels and the software to manage it and voila! You will be using your barcode label printer in no-time, printing hundreds or even thousands of labels with it.

If you have evaluated your costs and have concluded that a barcode label printer is the right choice for your business, then buy a barcode label printer! There are plenty of stores that can sell you a barcode label printer. You can find them online or in major retail chains that sell office equipment.

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