We have a tendency to look at outsourcing as an expense, instead of as a profit centre. That is sometimes because it is a lot easier to see how much we are spending on certain things than it is to gauge how much money those same things are actually making. It can be that way with respect to outsourcing label work to a label printer. A good label printer can make you money. You just need to know where to look to see the rewards.

First, consider it a free advertising staffer who can find great space for next to nothing. That is because your label writer is transforming your labels and product packaging into marketing materials that work. He is improving your product’s “shelf appeal” while making a strong contribution to your branding effort.

Second, look at how employees are being better used now that label printing is an outsourced concern. The people who used to have to struggle with label related tasks (for which they probably were not well suited anyway) can now spend their time being productive parts of your company team.

Finally, look at the bottom line. If you are growing your expenses related to labelling would be accelerating, too, had you not found a great label printer. Instead, your label printer is probably giving you bulk rates along with great peace of mind.

Your label printer is making you money. You must need to know where to look to find the earnings. They may not show up as part of gross income directly, but your labeller's effort is making a positive difference.

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