The appearance of your products can be improved by the addition of printed labels. Printed labels can be purchased from printers who can add your artwork and colour to the labels to give a professional finish to the packaging of your product. Labels can be printed in any size or shape that you require for your product. Printed labels can be produced on rolls, sheets, fanfolds, or single-cut and can be printed as a basic one colour printed label to high quality full colour printed labels of up to eight colours on paper or synthetic materials; these can be bar coded or sequentially numbered and then over laminated. They can be self-adhesive or use specialist adhesives such as 'removable' or 'deep freeze' can also be used.

The best known printed labels are those used on products such as food, wine, cosmetic and toiletry products and can add brand image to your products. More importantly, printed labels can be used to show hazards and warnings such as dangerous substances. Labels can be printed on clear film so that the product can be seen through the label and these are increasingly popular.

Print methods for printing labels include Flexographic printing,
Lithographic printing, Hot Foil printing and Digital printing. More and more labels are printed using foil stamping. Cold-foil stamping is now on the rise.

This process transfers a stamping foil to a substrate by means of special adhesives, such as UV curing. The advantages to this newer
technology mean no hot-stamping equipment is needed, there is no need to engrave cylinders, and there are cost benefits for short-run stamping jobs, and ease of control of register tolerances. Examples of the cold-foil application are self-adhesive and wet-adhesive labels, folding boxes and commercial displays as well as flexible plastic materials such as those used for toothpaste tubes.

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