Why send of your printing and labelling business to a third party organization, when using label applicators in house will save you time and money, and ensure that you get the look that you want, every time.

Any production facility that sends products out of the factory for label applicators elsewhere, will have experienced the frustration of product launch delays- due to the unnecessarily time consuming business of using outside label applicators to apply the necessary labelling to your products.

These third party label applicators may save you money if you are producing only a very small quantity of goods for production, but for the vast majority of production facilities, in house label applicators make sense, and save time and money.

Label applicators are available in a number of different styles, and there will be label applicators that well suite your needs and price range.

The simplest label applicators are hand held devices. These electric hand held label applicators are the ideal solution when the volume of label application is low and label applicators need not apply the labels in very precise placements. These hand held electric label applicators will peel the plastic back of the label, and the user will use the label applicators to stick the adhesive label onto the product. An electronic sensor on the label applicators will indicate that a new label is needed, and will automatically peel back the next label, ready for placement.

These hand held label applicators are very inexpensive, and may well be all that you need for your small to mid sized production facility. It is ridiculous to spend the money to have these done out of house; and why should you wait for someone else to do what you can easily and cheaply do for yourself.

Hand held electric label applicators are the ideal solution for basic label affixing needs, and the price of these units makes them very cost effective for any small business.

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