Label application
is an important step on several industry sectors these days. Consumer care, health care, pharmaceutical, software, electronics; most industries require a label application area in charge of placing the adequate information on the product, its case or maybe both. Such information may vary depending where the product is heading or also due to special clients’ demands.

Thus, label application can be a complicated, costly process. Label application may require a constant, medium-size workforce dedicated just to that: label application. Or it may also mean having to buy costly label application machinery with all the extra costs that such a decision will mean: PC support and software, maintenance costs, specialized operators. Depending on the business sector and the product demand an investment on a label application station in the production flow line may not be a good idea.

As many other small, punctual industrial operations label application may be outsourced nowadays. There are several label application companies on most markets around the world now that will charge a certain fee and take charge of the label application process for other plants. Label application companies usually count with huge amounts of specialized workers and modern label application equipment to do the label application step for others. They usually require their clients to contact them with some time ahead so they can program their client’s label application needs on time according to their already programmed work schedule and cycle times. Most companies also require a small sample (be it a real product or just an image) and work with specific formats where the client inputs it’s label application requirements such as specific information, label material, required format, label application zone, acceptable quality level and so on.

Label application outsourcing may result in a cheaper alternative for several industrial factories or warehouses that do not wish to have a workforce especially dedicated to label application processes. It may be worth doing a cost comparison analysis to see what is better for your needs.

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