An Italian labelstock producer is looking to work with label converters in the development of new and innovative label products.

To be successful in today’s highly competitive and margin squeezed label market increasingly demands speciality and niche products, new and innovative ideas and a willingness to move forwards to the next generation of label solutions.

Yet it is not always easy for the label converter to find labelstock suppliers that are prepared to work with them in the development of innovative and sophisticated adhesive technique solutions. Not projects destined to remain at the draft stage, but industrially valid productions which are in a position to get themselves noticed and of being appreciated by the end user and the market.

Now label converters and end users have a new potential partner that they can turn to. Long established in its home market of Italy, Roll Cover Italiana Srl believes it has the experience and technologies to put itself forwards to the European market as a valid partner in the development of new self adhesive solutions.

Specialising in the production of synthetic, non-paper, self adhesive materials, the company was originally founded in 1970, initially producing self adhesive papers. Led from the outset by Luciano Grimoldi and Bruno Guazzoni, the company soon began to put their energies into designing and producing self adhesive films and, in the 1980’s become the first European company to start producing adhesive coated Opticite polystyrene.

Since then Roll Cover has produced millions of square metres of this material, which has been used for labelling bottles and cans for companies such as Agip, Esso, Shell, Bejersdorf, Oreal and many other customers in the mineral oil, shampoo and cosmetics sector.

Today, the company also offers a wide range of PVC, PS, PP, PE and PET films in white, transparent and metallised versions, with various finishes and treatments, different thicknesses and rigidity – all of which are used for producing labels which are the most consistent with resolving specific labelling needs. They also produce textiles and non-woven textiles.

Of particular importance is a UL approved range of films, available for imprinting labels with thermal transfer printers and other computer operated systems.

In the sanitary sector, the company has been producing a special laminated plastic for years. This works as a barrier against fragrances, coated with gum pattern adhesive and a chemically resistant adhesive. This is widely used in the production of moist tissue packagings which, when being used, are frequently opened and closed so requiring an excellent sticking action to safeguard the contents.

Also in the field of re-closable packaging, the company has coated a special multi-layered product to be used as a cover for thermoformed food containers. Here a particular production process has been set up and an adhesive has been designed which is food-friendly, resulting in an excellent re-closing ability. The winning factor is the re-closing ability which allows the consumer to use the product time and time again, preventing any deterioration.

For the pharmaceutical sector, Roll Cover’s production includes transparent films on synthetic transparent liners and high transparency adhesives with luminescents for controlling the labels on the production line.

The most recent production is a synthetic, transparent film, used for labelling bottles which need to be hung up in order to be effective. This particular film adhesive coated in parts, which has luminescents within the adhesive and a high technological and innovative content, enables the production of labels which are basically intended for the pharmaceutical sector.

In the specific case of labelling bottles for drips, the label, being made out of just one material, not only identifies the product but at the same time fits directly into the bottle’s particular hanging support.

Certainly the above examples show how Roll Cover Italiana Srl with its trained staff, can guarantee a high level of quality whilst also ensuring that ISO 9002 regulations are respected. A level of quality and innovation which they are now looking to share with potential partner label producing companies in the European market. Undoubtedly any label converter requiring the development of sophisticated self adhesive technique solutions could find them well worthwhile approaching.


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