Your label applicator might boast great specs and may do a fine job of precisely placing labels on your products, but is it tough enough? That’s an important question, considering the availability of many applicators that boast tremendous strength and durability.

Many new label applicator systems are made completely of die-cast metal. The plastic parts common on the label applicator of previous generations are long gone, as sturdiness is has been emphasized.

Many label applicator users are frustrated by frequent breakdowns and related problems. Although their machines feature some of the best possible labelling technology, they simply don’t seem to be strong enough to handle their jobs and the often harsh conditions in which they must operate.

A new label applicator may be specially coated to block rust and corrosion. If you thought purchasing a label applicator with plastic casing made sense in damp conditions, think again! In fact, these new application devices can actually be upgraded to high standards for electrical enclosure, making them perfect for situations in which complete water-based washing is necessary.

Think about the manufacturing environment. It can be pretty tough. Sometimes it’s wet. It might be hot. Or cold. Dusty conditions are not uncommon. The average factory floor is a definite departure from a air conditioned computer room or a comfy office. It can be a challenging climate out there on the factory floor!

Is your label applicator tough enough? Take a good look at your situation and conditions and decide whether one of the new breed of tough, all-metal applicators make sense for you. Many manufacturers are abandoning their lightweight label applicator and replacing it with a new extra tough model.

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