The label converter is key part in both industrial and administrative work. Products, packages, files, documents, envelopes and all sorts of things need a proper way to be identified and categorized. If the amount of labels is substantial, the use of a label converter is then justifiable.

Years ago, big businesses acquired a label converter as part of the equipment they needed for their production operations. Others companies preferred to rely on a third party instead of acquiring a label converter. Small businesses didn’t have much of a choice: they usually had to rely on subcontractors to fill their needs.

So, can anyone operate a label converter? Some years ago the answer would have been “no”, unless you took some basic label converter operation training. But as in all fields of work nowadays, the introduction of the PC has created a revolution here too.

A few years ago the label converter equipment became part of any properly equipped office, present there just as another computer and printer. Small needs that previously required an external supplier now could be satisfied by using an adapted desktop PC. Label converter software was developed. The desktop printers evolved enough to become a compact label converter of their own. Better and cheaper colour inks came along and now special paper is also available. At first, a label converter machine was still the best option if certain quality level or design complexity was required. But now there is no need for using a conventional label converter machine for a series of tasks. Label converter software can create complex graphic designs or use a plethora of fonts for the work needed. Self adhesive paper has helped a lot to make the PC printer a label converter on its own.

The idea of a label converter being a big machine is something of the past. Small and even medium scale label converter operations can be easily done by the PC these days.

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