On most offices and small businesses label application is done manually. Usually a worker on the company prints the labels and takes charge of the sometimes long and tedious label application process, process that will definitively consume time he could be assigning to more complex or important tasks than label application.

Label application, as most industrial processes nowadays, can also be automated. There are quite a lot of different label application equipments available on the market these days, most having different label application specialties or characteristics. Label application machinery ranges from small, cheap hand-held devices to huge industrial computer-controlled workstations, depending on the label application needs of the costumer.

For most retail shops or offices hand-held label application tools are good enough. These label application utensils usually carry a roll full of labels with some sort of manual application system that makes the label application procedure much easier, but manual nevertheless. Hand-held label application tools may come in handy when the label application requirements are small or one may count with abundant, cheap labour force.

But such is not the case always. Huge warehouses and industrial plants have more demanding needs on every aspect of their businesses, label application requirements included. They may need a quicker, human-error proof system in their label application workstation maybe because their high output volume, maybe due to the meticulousness that certain job demands or just because the plant wishes to improve productivity altogether. In any case, heavy-duty label application equipment is available on the market nowadays.

Modern label application machines are fully automated, usually being part of production lines and counting with a PC with the adequate software to control it or a PLC system and the appropriate interface to use it. These marvellous equipments measure the distance between the label and the surface in order to adequately place the label, reject products that do not fulfil the specified criteria and work and incredibly high speeds. Although not very cheap, this label application wonders will considerably improve productivity on most industrial plants of properly installed.

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