Label printer
applicators are a type of industrial robot used to automatically print and apply pressure-sensitive labels on almost any type of products. Given the wide array of products label printer applicators can handle on production lines, its uses are enormous. Shipping labelling, content labelling, graphic images, governmental requirements or client-required information label printer applicators are a common sight on most industries nowadays.

The basic structure of a label printer applicator consists of a printer (also known as print engine), an applicator system and a method to handle labels and ribbons (known commonly as media). Usually controlled by PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) on PCs running specifically designed software called label software, label printer applicators are part of many heavily automated production lines.

Most label printer applicators use the Thermal Transfer Printing (TTP) technology –where inks ribbons are heated in order to transfer images into a surface- given that the object where the printing is required will vary considerably on most production lines. This allows the equipment to print in different surfaces such as carton, paper or even plastic.

Although many industries find it useful to have label printer applicators, certain ones simply can’t go out without one. The pharmaceutical industry, with all the specific information required on its different products and all the regulation requirements concerning drug handling are a great example on the wide array of uses a label printer applicator may have in certain industrial sectors.

First developed in the late 1970's, today there are over 70 manufacturers of these types of machines worldwide. Some of the most commonly used label printer applicators brands in today’s industry are UBS (United Barcode systems), Weber, Cab, Imaje and Vielomatik. For more information regarding Label printer applicators uses, cost and specific characteristics try checking any of the many industrial machine directories available online.

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