In retail industries labels need to be clean, clear and attractive because it is an essential marketing tool to expand ones business to the next level. It will also have to be informative to the satisfaction of the customer to increase the percentage of sales. The barcode on the label must be printed neatly and clearly to avoid it from being rejected by the barcode scanner as unreadable as this will only cause unnecessary hassle to the customer. Therefore to ensure a successful retail operation, the retailer should use an efficient label printer.

Certain guidelines that need to be considered by the retailer when purchasing a label printer is firstly the usage of the printer need to be determined first as a different label printer caters for different needs. Label printers that are to be used for printing shelf labels, product marking, inventory and asset management, small office or home office mailing, shipping and file folder labelling must be able to withstand rough handling and the ability to integrate easily into the system. The label printer must also have the ability for fast job processing to print labels at a higher speed.

Next for retail owners that need label printers for various printing purposes such as printing tickets for museum entrance, cinemas, customer receipts, barcode labels and address labels have to take into account these features when purchasing a label printer.

The printer should have the ability to print high quality barcodes and graphics, have serial or parallel interface for fast communication, minimum paper maintenance to lessen the cost and finally have transmissive sensors for flexible label and ticket printing.

Therefore retailers should give careful consideration to the features of the printer before purchasing it to ensure it is compatible with the needs of the business. This is vital for the smooth operation and growth of the business.

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