While the handheld label printer market has seen a boom, companies looking to invest in a high quality, versatile label printing solution are buying a desktop label printer. From the office workplace to the shop floor, a desktop label printer provides high quality, durable printed labels for a variety of applications. Many desktop label printer models also double as sign and banner printers, effectively reducing cost of marketing and print by bringing the process in house. With such a vast array of features, many companies expect a desktop label printer to consume too much space in the workplace to be effective. This is simply not the case.

Many of the most popular desktop label printer models are designed with space concerns in mind. The units are often no larger than a computer monitor. A high-end desktop label printer can even include monitors, touch-screens, and full-scale keypads to offer a maximum level of customization, while still conserving space. Even smaller desktop label printer models integrate seamlessly with multiple computer operating systems, providing customization through software, which communicates with the desktop label printer over a USB or similar connection protocol.

Some companies believe they can save even more money by choosing a handheld label printer over a desktop label printer. For some applications, this could be a good choice, however, eliminating a desktop label printer severely limits quality, speed, and versatility. A desktop label printer can print at image qualities in excess of 300 dpi, a standard few handheld printers could ever approach. Also, a desktop label printer can print more than 5 inches per second. A handheld printer at this speed would cost enough to justify buying a desktop label printer. A handheld label printer will never provide the sign and banner printing capabilities of a desktop label printer. For maximum versatility, a desktop label printer is the obvious choice.

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