In order to most efficiently operate a shipping business, one should always invest in a label printer. Having a label printer will allow a business to ship out their products at a much faster rate; furthermore, utilizing label printers will effectively allow a particular business to keep packages that need to be shipped organized. When looking to purchase thermal label printers, one should always bear in mind that there are two different types. Thus, depending on label printing needs, one should assess which type of label printers would be best for their company.

The first type of label printers are direct thermal printers. These type of label printers are best when one wants to create a label for temporary use as these labels last for approximately six months to a year before fading. These labels are heat sensitive paper, thus, whenever they are exposed to vapors and/or sunlight, whatever has been printed on the labels will fade. An example of a type of business which would want to invest in these direct thermal printers is a high volume shipping and packaging company because their printed labels shall only needed to last throughout the duration of the shipping process.

The second type of thermal printers are thermal transfer label printers. These label printers are intended to produce labels which last over a long period of time. They work by applying heat to printing ribbons. This heat ultimately serves to liquify the ink on the ribbon and onto the applicable one-sided adhesive label(s). One great thing about this type of label printers is that they are often constructed in a manner which enables users the option of using both thermal and direct thermal label printing. Thus, regardless of the cost, businesses should always contemplate purchasing thermal transfer printers, as doing so shall be a much wiser investment in the long run due to their dual functioning capabilities.

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