Hospitals use label printers due to two main reasons that is to print labels from collected data for positive patient identification, charts and pharmacy uses. The other main reason label printer is required is to print labels for the identification of staffs, visitors and patients. The main purpose of this exercise is to ensure that each individual present in the vicinity of the hospital has proper identification from the hospital authorities. This is vital to maintain the security of the hospital for the benefit of the patients.

Patient’s identification is usually printed out in the form of wristbands that is worn by the patients on their wrists. Today label printer has gained preference over laser printer and embossers in hospitals because label printer poses to be the better option with numerous advantages to offer. Label printers have high print speed saving time, reliable as the output is of high quality barcodes, small size with small moving parts making it easy to shifted about, quiet printing and lastly it has a long life span compared to other printers.

Other reasons label printers are used in hospitals are to use labels to identify medical waste disposal before getting rid of it and to identify test results in the laboratory. Hospital hygiene will be maintained while at the same time waste is being disposed in a proper manner. Lab results identification will ensure that the patients receive only their health report and that it is not mixed up with another patient’s report. Blood bags and specimens also need to be labelled and by using labels that have barcodes, which the hospital can print on their own by using the convenient label printer. Outsourcing their label needs to a third party will only waste their time. Basically label printers are used in hospitals because it is of low cost, low maintenance but has a long time span and the ability to provide high quality print results.

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