Many people don’t really know what label printers are and therefore in order to understand the differences of label printers and what different types of label printers can do for your business, it is important to be aware of what exactly a label printer is. The different label printers that are available on the market today are of course different depending specifically on the type of label printers that they are. There are a number of different label printers made by a number of different companies that are specifically designed to do a number of different tasks but even in spite of that, there are some basic similarities between label printers that you can use to understand exactly what label printers are.

The first point of similarity that draws all label printers together is of course the fact that label printers all print labels. Now, this might seem like an obvious and even laughable point, but it is also an important one because it allows you to distinguish label printers from the multitudes of other printers currently available on the open market. So, label printers print labels and as anyone that has ever worked in a corporate setting can tell you, labels come in all different shapes, sizes and textures and have a number of different purposes. This means that right away one can see the need for the large number of diverse label printers that exist in the world today.

There are some corporations that swear by label printers and some that won’t touch them with a ten metre pole. The ones that are in the latter group at the same time also tend to be corporations that have lower budgets and therefore can’t afford all of the specialty items that larger corporations make sure that they buy. Label printers are specialty items and the companies that can afford to buy them generally end up espousing their benefits with great enthusiasm.

Tips for Using Label Printers

Here are a couple of tips that will definitely come in handy in using label printers

Try To Ensure To Yourself That You Know Exactly What You Want To Use The Label Printers For

Whether you are using one or many label printers in your task, understand what the goal of your task is and which of the label printers would help you greatly in the completion of that task. Understanding how label printers function and how they can help in certain situations is definitely a part of a lot of different training modules for different companies and therefore to put that training about label printers to good use, you also need to understand what the goal of each assignment you take on is.

Make Sure That Your Labels Are Loaded Firmly Into The Label Printers That You Use

Label printers are excellent primarily because they have the ability to do specialty printing that any non label printers would struggle to do at times, but one of the failings of many different label printers is that they tend to get jammed easily and tend to be temperamental when it comes to the labels loaded into the actual label printers themselves. In order to combat this situation, you need to make sure that your label printers are properly and firmly loaded with the labels that you intend to use; doing so will save you a lot of grief later on with your label printers.

Conserve Resources Whenever You Can

The reason that label printers are so great is that they specifically allow you to cut down on unnecessary work that you might have had to do otherwise without the help of label printers. If you however end up using more resources than normal when you are working with the label printers, you end up subverting the original intention and therefore might actually end up losing those printers because the corporation can’t afford to keep up with the increased resource usage.

Advantages of Label Printers

There are many advantages to using label printers in your everyday work life and some of those main advantages inherent to the use of label printers are discussed below.

1) There are a number of different types of label printers on the market today, which in and of itself should be a very strong indication as to what the main advantage of label printers is intended to be. They are intended to be a very specialized form of printer; in other words, label printers are designed to get one thing right and one thing right only. Label printers are fantastic specialized machines when it comes to printing different kinds of labels and that is the main advantage towards the usage of different label printers.

2) When you look at the different label printers available on the market today, one of the different things that will probably strike you is how some of them definitely tend to be cheaper than a general purpose and use printer. Label printers are smaller and more compact in terms of the way they are made and what this does is that it allows mass production to take place more efficiently which ultimately has the final result of making the label printers cheaper when they get to the marketplace.

3) Label printers are easier to carry around for the most part than general printers; even the label printers that are not hand held models. Label printers are smaller and more compact, as discussed in the previous point and this not only makes label printers easier to carry around in terms of moving them from one place to another, but it also makes label printers much easier to transport to different places around a company's total infrastructure. This is very good for most people and is one of the reasons many people like these types of printers.

Types of Label Printers

When discussing the different types of label printers on the market today, it is important to discuss what the actual categorization will be about, because if you were to categorize label printers by their specific functionality, each group would consist of only one or two printers. The label printers business, by its very nature, ends up putting highly specialized products onto the market and therefore rather than categorizing label printers by their functionality, it is better to categorize label printers by the specific construction and design elements inherent in the design of the various label printers.

This makes the first category of note the hand held category. Many of the different label printers available on the market today are of course hand held models and therefore when you look at the different label printers that are available, you can see right away that different label printers that are hand held have different purposes when it comes to the actual label printers themselves. This just illustrates that functionality is not a good way to divide label printers into different categories and indeed you can even make the argument that hand held label printers have a lot more in common with each other vis-à-vis logical classification than label printers that do the same thing.

The opposite category of course to hand held label printers is simply the normal label printers that initially dominated the market before hand held models became cheaper. These normal printers are built just like general purpose printers, except they tend to be smaller and more compact in their overall size. However, they do an excellent job of functionally printing labels and therefore are just as good as their hand held counterparts when it comes to those specific tasks. Either way, these are the two major types of label printers on the market today.

Hand Held Label Printers

Of all of the different label printers in the world today, hand held label printers are perhaps the most popular. Popularity in terms of label printers is defined by the quantity of them that get purchased in different stores and if you go by that strict definition then definitely hand held label printers are the most popular. The idea of hand held label printers is something that many people have gotten behind because of the ideas of cost efficiency, compactness, ease of transportation and functionality that go into the concept of hand held label printers.

When you look at the first of those ideas, the idea of cost efficiency, what is really being discussed there as it pertains to the label printers themselves is that you get far more than what you pay for when you invest in hand held label printers. The hand held label printers are cheap in terms of the pricing in the marketplace and then when you use them to do the work of labelling; they end up paying for themselves in saved ink and paper very quickly.

As far as compactness and ease of transportation go, these are not ideas that are specific to label printers. While hand held label printers are certainly both of those things, any hand held piece of technology when compared to the conventional model is going to be more compact and easier to transport. Nevertheless, these logistics do come into play relatively frequently and that is why label printers that are hand held are starting to become more popular; they are the dream of every company logistics team when it comes to label printers.

Finally, there is the idea of functionality. Hand held label printers are very functional because you can carry them around and label things directly. Label printers are supposed to cut down on unnecessary work and hand held label printers serve to do that even more.

Stationary Label Printers

Stationary label printers are the conventional label printers that have been available on the market for a very long time. When you look at it historically, stationary label printers have been far more popular than any other model but of course as hand held label printers become easier to purchase and cheaper to purchase, stationary label printers continue to lose more of the market share to their hand held counterparts. This is not necessarily because stationary label printers are not as good, but more so that the craze right now in business logistics is label printers that can be held by the hand. In any case, the stationary label printers that are available on the market today are label printers that offer reliability and economy; both of which are still treasured assets in different label printers.

As far as reliability goes, one of the major drawbacks to hand held label printers is that they don't really have as much reliability as stationary label printers. This is because hand held models are more compact and therefore are more prone to jamming if used incorrectly. The stationary label printers have mechanisms in place that can prevent jamming and this makes them more reliable in the overall sense of the term. There are some good points to be said for reliability and it is said by the people that still buy stationary products over hand held ones.

As far as economy goes, this actually ties into the fact that stationary label printers tend to be more reliable. When you are looking at things like ink and paper usage, while hand held label printers tend to use less of both than stationary ones, at the same time because of their habit of jamming when used incorrectly, an inexperienced worker might end up wasting more money with a hand held one than a stationary one.

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