Would you like to make your home PC more useful? A labelling printer connects directly to your computer allowing you to design and store custom labels on your computer. They can print regular labels or specialty printers can make CD or DVD labels. Label printers are great for mailing labels, file labels, or making inventory or barcode labels.

CD label printers are labelling devices used to print labels for CD-R discs using either ink jet or thermal printing technology, and only printable CD-R media can be used. Label printing is often built into CD duplicators that clean the media, record the data and print the label automatically. CD label printers can also print on printable DVD-R media and may be advertised as CD/DVD printers. These are handy devices for labelling and identifying CDs and DVDs.

Envelope printers for PCs have been around for a decade now. They make even more sense now, because they utilize USB connections that transfer data faster and because print quality has improved to an acceptable consumer/industrial level. If you want to print only an occasional labels, you can probably get by with the $25 to $75 handheld electronic label makers.

PC-connected label printers generally sell in the $100 to $250 range. Some are available as hand-helds units as well, meaning they have their own batteries and their own keyboards. But these inexpensive label printers can't do it all, and they have hidden cost: For example, laminated tapes, the most durable and long-lasting type, cost from 50 cents to a dollar a foot. Check out the cost of the extras before you buy any label printer. It can help you avoid some potentially expensive surprises later on down the line.

Label printers can make your life a little easier and your PC a lot more useful.

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