The desktop label printer is an interesting piece of technology with a wide range of applications. The average consumer may not consider a desktop label printer an important part of an office, or even a shop floor. A Desktop label printer has many unique applications that other printers are simply not suited for. A desktop label printer is designed to fill a specific purpose – printing high quality labels that can be relied on.

Many people use handheld label printers instead of a desktop label printer for folders, cabinets, and other applications that don’t see much wear. For shipping, labels need to be clear and durable. A desktop label printer is perfect for this application. High volumes with a high durability standard are exactly why many desktop label printer models were designed. A desktop label printer can print in grayscale and colour to produce printed images that will withstand the shipping truck and the front of a folder. Some desktop label printer models can also print barcodes, a perfect application for durable print.

A desktop label printer is also very valuable for a shop or plant. With even higher durability standards than shipping, these areas can see great benefit from a desktop label printer. Using a desktop label printer, warehouse and plant managers can rely on quality labelling, ensuring workplace efficiency and safety. A desktop label printer can even provide shrink tube labels. This makes the desktop label printer perfect for any plant that needs to mark tubing or round products of any kind. With so many options, and such great return on investment, it is no surprise to see people turning to a desktop label printer as a quality print solution.

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