Many people wonder about the differences between a label printer and a standard printer since it is possible to print labels from a standard printer. The differences really lie within the mechanics of the label printer rather than the actual functioning. There are also different types of printing used in a label printer than a standard printer, as far as how the image ends up on the paper.

First of all, the mechanisms used in a label printer to feed the label stock through are different than a standard printer. This is important because if you are going to be printing large numbers of labels, you do not want to have to load individual sheets of label paper. Instead you will load a roll of label stock into your label printer, which will feed through automatically. Your label printer may also use a kind of label paper that is folded back and forth. A standard printer is not capable of this.

The printing process of a label printer is also different from a standard printer. You can purchase a direct thermal label printer which will print your label onto heat sensitive paper. The other option is a thermal transfer label printer which uses an ink ribbon, similar to a typewriter, to print your label. A thermal transfer label printer is generally capable of both types of printing, but a direct thermal label printer is not.

Knowing the differences between a label printer and a standard printer is the best way to decide what kind of a printer you will need. If you know what kind of printing you will be doing ahead of time you can choose whichever label printer is going to do the best job. Buying a label printer should be easy once you know the differences between the printers on the market, and you understand how they work. The only way to get the best label printer for you is to do some research before making your purchase.

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