Label printing
is the process by which label printers print labels (usually adhesive ones) with information, images or any other data required by the user. It differs from conventional printing by the fact that it is very important for the information to adequately match with the label area in the printing stock used, thus a certain degree of exactitude is required in the process.

Peripheral equipments used for label printing are called label printers. Although quite similar to conventional printers, label printers can handle label stock more efficiently and assure exactitude at high production volumes. Although label printing may be their main use, label printers can handle normal printing uses too if such need arises.

Label printing can be found on most offices as well as major industries. From CD tags to EAN codification, the uses and applications of label printing techniques are many and varied. Some retail shops print their own product labels for example allowing them to use their own codification systems and update information whenever they consider appropriate. On the other hand, huge mechanical factories use label printing equipments to print tags that can be used to adequately identify and classify spare parts, tools and even semi-finished products on production lines.

Bar codes labels, found on such different products as cigarette packs or airplane tickets is an important example of how label printing is now part of most industries. Required to identify product characteristics and even package specifications, bar coding is a must for most products commercialized nowadays.

There are several label printer brands available on the market today such as Avery, Hewlett Packard or Brother. Depending on the label printing necessities (speed, quantity, quality, characteristics) different equipments may be selected. For office use small desktop printers can handle the job nicely while huge warehouses or industrial facilities may require industrial equipments to handle their necessities.

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