do come in many different shapes and sizes, and now is a good time to go over the different shapes of labels, which in turn, gives the consumer an idea of where to efficiently place their labels, and for what purpose. One of the most common and basic types of labels, is the label that comes with six or eight to a sheet, and is known to be broad, and rectangular in shape. These labels are usually used for items of a more grandiose physical nature, though they can sometimes be used on floppy disks. Labels of this kind are usually known to be durable, but can sometimes malfunction, due to easy manipulation of the corners. Another type of very common labels is the smaller version of the same labels, which obviously come with more of them on a sheet. These labels are also used for a variety of things, but their ability to be dynamic is much higher than the others because of their smaller size. The labels are often durable, but have the same problem, which is the manipulation of corners.

The next kinds of labels are the circle labels, which are especially used on small items, though they do come in larger sizes. These labels are used for items that have more contoured shapes, and are used to fit those oddly shaped objects more accurately. The main problem of such labels is the ability to easily misplace the label onto the product, which can lead to label ineffectiveness, or the loss of such a label. The other kind of labels are known as online, or music, media labels, which are usually placed upon DVDS, and compact discs. There are many different types of these labels, and they have all of the disadvantages of any other label, but are consistently growing in efficiency due to the boom of album burning.

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