The small business is a big beneficiary of the label supplier, as is the label supplier a big beneficiary of many small businesses, but the give-take relationship does have its perks for both sides of the equation. The small business usually relies on the label supplier for the supply of more than just labels, and usually must go through certain channels, especially if their business is in the vein of a franchise, or some kind of corporation controlled business venture. The small business usually gets quite a dynamic wealth of supplies from a broad range of perspective label suppliers, but their ability to do so may be limited by a greater company that oversees their business strategy, and directs the business towards a specific label supplier, due to trade and business agreements. The existence of such agreements can really hurt the small business’s financial growth due to the fixed amount of money that must be paid to such companies. The limit of such financial manoeuvring does not give the business much of a chance, especially with a growth of numbers, and diversity, in the label supplier trade.

The label supplier becomes one of the big beneficiaries in this process, and is driven to profits by such agreements, especially when there are contracts for them to work with certain companies, and the non-exclusivity of such production would allow them to work elsewhere, while consistently bringing in money from the already-in companies. Many small businesses frown upon the way that big businesses, like the label supplier, can fuse together to create financially powerful monopolies, but that is the world of free enterprise. The small business can survive, but must try to exercise its own amount of control over their choice of label supplier, especially if they are to receive exactly what they want.

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