are pieces of material, such as fabric or paper, on which information concerning the object it is attached to is written, such as the price, the bar code or washing instructions.

Labels can be purchased to use in Laser and Inkjet printers which are
usually die cut on A4 sheets of paper and can be produced in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Laser labels need to be able to withstand the heat of
laber printers and copiers. Inkjet labels are made from waterproof inkjet materials which are also used for soap or shower gel containers. Laser labels need to be made of a non-porous material whilst Inkjet labels need to be made from porous materials which will accept ink and dye from the printer. Many of these are commonly referred to as Address Labels, Self Adhesive Stickers or Sticky Labels or CD Labels.

Labels should be found on all food products. This will tell you what the
product is, eg milk, chocolate, bread, carrot, the species and, if necessary any treatments it has undergone, such as pasteurisation, deep freezing, ionisation and its physical state, such as whether it is powdered or concentrate. Labels will also tell you what ingredients the product contains, this will be shown in descending order of weight and the amount of fats. The list will also show the additives. There will also be a sell by date and eat by date which shows the optimum time by which the product should be eaten.

It will also show how the product should be kept, whether it should be kept in a fridge or frozen, etc. The information about the manufacturer and any data that has to be shown by law for certain at risk product must also be shown.

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