Most of us think of the label applicator as being a high-speed machine located toward the end of a factory’s assembly process. We visualize a sleek machine wiping label after label onto a seemingly endless stream of products without error.

However, the idea of a label applicator is bigger than any factory floor. There are variety of other label applicator types ranging from home DVD/CD labelling systems to some unique tools designed to help put labels on areas that would be hard to reach otherwise.

In many commercial and industrial settings, labels must be applied to shelving and other warehousing equipment that may be located well above the ground. One could make their way up on a ladder to handle label application, but doing so would be an arduous, up and down process.

This situation resulted in manufacturers offering a long-handled label applicator that makes tagging hard-to-reach areas a breeze. Generally, these applicators have a series of adhesive-resistant rollers that hold the label in place until the user “swipes” it in the right location. The label rolls off and stays in place--right where it needs to be.

If you need to do some labelling in some high places, you may want to investigate obtaining one of these unique label applicator tools. They can make an otherwise difficult job very easy while decreasing the safety risk involved in repeated ladder use. These applicators are an efficient and sensible option for those who have high-space labelling requirements.

A label applicator may be a high-end electronic machine consistently labelling millions of products, but it can also be a lower-tech handheld device designed to make a common task a little bit easier.

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