At one time, label printing was usually a local matter. If you needed a label job done, you would usually check with your local provider. Unless there was something horribly out of line with that company’s prices or quality, they would probably get your business.

Today, things have changes. A variety of factors have made working with people as far away as the other side of the world much easier and the idea of limiting your choice of label manufacturers to whoever is closest doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

A company in Colorado may hire a label printing firm from India to produce their shrink-wrap labels for one product, deal with a label company in Rhode Island for shipping labels and use a labeller out of England for barcode production. One company, three label manufacturers. None of them geographically close. That isn’t as uncommon as you might think.

Globalization has definitely hit label manufacturers. Shipping patterns have improved and shipping costs have fallen making it possible for label manufacturers on different continents than their customers to remain cost competitiveness. The growth of the Internet has allowed easier communication between people everywhere, further burying the idea of choosing your labeller from local label manufacturers only.

As time passes, this trend will continue to diversify. We know longer live lives insulated from the rest of the world and that fact is becoming very clear when one studies label manufacturers. There are label manufacturers all over the world and each of them is vying for every possible customer.

If you are shopping for labels, you aren’t stuck with the folks down the street. You can choose from hundreds of label manufacturers all over the world!

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