Label manufacturers
don’t just produce simple stickers and file tags. Today’s label manufacturers handle a wide variety of tasks. The flexibility of these businesses may surprise those who have not spent a great deal of time in the label industry. Let’s look at some of the different products produced by label manufacturers today.

Label manufacturers do handle the traditional tasks one might expect. Although they now do many other things, they still produce basic shipping labels, address labels and “staple items” that almost every business uses regularly.

They also handle very specialized tasks. They can produce labels that adhere in any environmental condition and that can withstand tough treatment. Label manufacturers create labels that live up to rigorous compliance standards and that feature specialized information and characteristics.

Industry runs on labels. Barcode labels, compliance labelling and labels designed to assist in marketing are all integral to the success of many different companies. Label manufacturers handle it all.

It isn’t all about utility, though. Label manufacturers are also artistic. They can produce attractive holographic, transparent and foil-based labels for situations in which some ornamentation is necessary.

Label manufacturers also produce labels that don’t even use adhesives! Shrink warp labelling, for instance, is featured on many products.

It’s easy to think of a label manufacturer as someone who churns out page after page of boring and simple stickers. However, tat is not the case. The label printing industry is far more expansive than that, and label manufacturers do jobs to assist all types of industries and even home users.

From simple price stickers to complicated RFID labels and three-dimensional holographs, the label industry does it all. Label manufacturers do much more than one might think!

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