a case or carton can pose an interesting challenge. There is a variety of ways to approach the task, and the best solution will vary based upon one’s particular needs. Label printers understand this and offer multiple means of handling carton and case labelling. Let us look at some of the techniques used by label printers:

Non-Contact Solutions

Label printers often have specialized equipment that allows them to label cases and cartons without actually making contact with them. One non-contact printing solution involves the use of inkjet devices that can print directly on the cardboard of a box. Another example utilized by some label printers relies upon the use of a specialized laser system.

Inexpensive Solutions

In some cases, cost-effectiveness is a priority. Label printers may recommend the use of dot matrix printing devices or a roller coder. These strategies produce adequate labelling inexpensively.

Attractive Solutions

One may need attractive labelling for their cases or cartons and label printers can get the job done. They can use high-resolution inkjet or thermal printing technology or pre-printed multi-colour labels to get the job done. These provide a crisp and clear visual appeal to the labelling job.

Amateurs may think of labelling as little more than requisite words stamped on a sticker and applied to a box. Professional label printers, however, recognize that client needs vary and are prepared to offer a host of options to insure that labelling meets requirements and expectations.

If you need to label cases or cartons, consult with a professional label printer. They will have the know-how and experience to help you find the best possible way to handle the job.


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