It might be easy to think of label printers as doing nothing more than churning out long runs of commercial stickers for pricing and stocking purposes. Although that is one of the industry’s hallmarks, today’s label printers can do much, much more.

Label printers produce window decals, hard hat stickers, food wrapper labels and a variety of other specialty products. The label business isn’t just an assembly line process of massive proportion! A large printer will still be happy to do a long run of a half-million shipping labels for you, but they will also be able to help with a small run of a custom designed self-adhesive product.

In fact, the label printing industry is rapidly adopting new print on demand (POD) technology to make it even easier for customers with smaller, unique needs to get what they want on time and at a reasonable price. Technological advances and a growing consumer need for smaller-run specialty labels if fuelling an industry-wide revolution. Label printers are offering new products and options every day.

Label printers are working with all types of adhesives--everything from removable stickers with only a slight tacky backing to permanent labels that can only be removed with a heavy-duty solvent. They are also working with various materials. One can get sturdy vinyl labels, foil labels or less expensive paper stickers, depending upon the intended application.

Label printers are no longer focusing exclusively on industrial and large-scale commercial jobs. They have expanded design options and increased flexibility to meet the demands of a changing marketplace. Label printers are now offering a service that more people can use in many more ways.

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