do not have to be black and white bores. In fact, label printers can produce amazing colour labels that can increase consumer attention and sales. Some industry pros maintain that a colour label is about fifty percent more effective than a black and white option with respect to attracting a consumer‘s eye. Anyone using labels on a retail product should certainly consider using the full colour solutions offered by label printers.

Full colour labels are often referred to as “four colour” products because of the methods used in their creation. Label printers use various screens and filters to parse an image into four separate colours (black, yellow, magenta and cyan). After separation, each colour element is put on a separate printing plate. The press uses all of the plates to recreate the full colour original.

Label printers can produce dazzling results in full colour, but there is a downside. Full colour labels are more labour-intensive and expensive to produce. The multiple plates, set-up costs and other expenses make full colour options a more costly alternative to other options. However, when one approaches their label purchase as an investment, instead of as a mere expense, the increased costs is often worthwhile. Additionally, the high level of competition among label printers can often produce bargains that make the cost easier for the consumer to tolerate.

If you are looking for a way to distinguish your product and to give it a heightened level of “shelf appeal,” you may want to consider discussing full colour labels with a few label printers. Label printers can allow one to escape the drudgery and ineffectiveness of black and white offerings with exciting full colour solutions that look marvellous and perform effectively.


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