Another great use of labelling is the asset label, which assists anyone interested in labelling, but is especially marketed to the businessperson, who must keep adequate inventory of all their merchandise, as well as operation equipment, that must be represented in order to adequately provide business goods and services. The asset label is a labelling good that really helps efficiency, and is usually equipped with a coded mark of some sorts, that can usually be scanned to bring up essential ordering, data, or yearly information. When labelling, the label is usually quite small, and is not used to mark the product for obvious notice, but is placed on the product as a means of security and adequate bookkeeping, not to mention labelling for further use. Many companies offer labelling services where they print out their own brand of asset labels, in order to promote their business while still providing the businessperson with a great labelling service. Labelling is a reputable practice, but many businesses choose to have their own, custom labels created by other labelling companies that will place specific information on the label, in a way to provide their service, but to also personalize the information present when labelling.

The use of labelling may not seem important to those who work in small offices, or on jobs where most of the merchandise is never for sale, or inventoried. The labelling process is widely used in larger businesses, especially when there are large employee bases, which can lead to more widespread occurrences of internal theft, and can also lead to more cases of product abuse, and/or breakage. These labelling companies rely on asset labels as a way of calculating what needs to be ordered, along with calculating what measures need to be taken for improvement, and may also tell what employees are responsible by labelling. The labels may be small, but they are reliably constructed in the labelling process, are hard to remove, and usually contain a shiny exterior, so that location is not difficult.

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