Labelling machines
are an example of industrial advancement that most people never even notice. But, they have a major effect on all of our lives. As an example, think about the way society functioned in the days prior to the invention of labelling machines. In the 1800’s for instance, with no labelling machines and the types of stores most people shopped at being very different indeed, the common method of shopping was to ask a store clerk to serve you, assisting with your purchase. While this might seem like a benefit, and indeed is preferable for some types of shopping – for instance purchasing clothing in a large department store where the assistance of a clerk is beneficial – when it comes to purchases of household items, supplies, food, and other staples and consumables, the entire shopping process is slowed down if labelling machines are not available. And, while the consumer may not realize it, without labelling machines to simplify and automate the labelling process, the cost of goods sold become higher than one might wish to pay.

Advances in technology that have allowed such devices as labelling machines to come into common use came to use through the industrial revolution, a time period in history when economies of western nations evolved from being primarily agricultural to primarily manufacturing in basis. This time period led many people who had previously lived in the country to move to urban areas to get jobs in factories and manufacturing plants. All of these manufactured items needed labels, and labelling machines became the standard method of implanting identification on products and consumer goods. Through use of a labelling machine a tin of spinach could be labelled as such and if it became separated from other items in a case, could be placed back in the original container and still sold. This cut down on waste, another benefit of labelling machines.

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