Imagine how confusing society would be if we didn’t have labelling machines to identify many of the items we use every day and take for granted. For instance, imagine trying to by a bottle of your favourite beverage if there were no labelling machines to identify it for you. Whether you are purchasing a cola, a been, milk, wine, coffee, tea or something else you like to drink, it is imperative if it comes in a bottle or another type of container that it be properly labelled. For instance, many types of tea look the same but taste very different.

When the manufacturer can use a labelling machine to identify the product it makes it much easier for the consumer or purchaser to buy the right item. In this manner labelling machines help the end user of many products.

Also imagine retail businesses that buy large lots of times wholesale. If for instance a retail book seller is receiving several boxes of books, magazines and periodicals, the use of a labelling machine by the publisher or distributor allows the retailer to look at the label and tell what products are in each box and to sort them accordingly, saving time and allowing the product to get out on the shelf for the consumer to purchase much faster.

The retailer is also able to use less manpower when sorting these items thanks to the effort of the labelling machine. Since the retailer has less labour invested in the product that is sometimes reflected in a lower price of the product, with savings passed on to the customer. In addition to saving time, the labelling machines are saving labour, which equals saving money for both the retail merchant and the person buying the product. The labelling machine is actually then a money saving machine.

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