Labelling machines are truly one of the wonders of the modern age. Without labelling machines two things could happen: either labels would have to be made by hand, or products would not have labels, at least not in the form we are used to. Labelling machines in their modern form are a reflection of modern times and influence us on a daily basis, whether we realize it or not.

Consider a world without labelling machines. That would also be a world without bar codes. The bar code saves time for the businessperson selling a product and for the customer buying the product. It also helps the businessperson with inventory, stocking and many of the other important things a business owner or manager must engage in. Without bar codes business would be slowed down. Without labelling machines it could be slowed down even more. A customer would have to walk into a business, ask a clerk where an item could be found, and then ask the price. This would certainly create some jobs for clerks, but it would slow down the process of commerce and make every visit to a store for routine shopping into a much longer experience. Labelling machines truly do speed up the process of shopping.

Labelling machines also help humans with memories. Imagine buying a medication and trying to remember how often that medication should be used. Twice a day? Three times a day? A simple labelling machine allows instructions to be placed on the bottle the medicine in contained in and keeps things accurate and neat. The labelling machine assists the person taking the medicine by relaying instructions every time the bottle is viewed. Labelling machines have a major impact on our every day lives that we don’t even realize.

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