Labelling machines have had a major impact on industry. Prior to the development of labelling machines, labels for jars, cans, boxes and other packaging had to be prepared the old fashioned way, by hand. This method was extremely time consuming and added to the cost of the product, which was eventually paid for by the consumer.

The use of labelling machines has then in effect lowered the cost of goods paid for by the consumers, basically by you and me when we visit a store to buy any product that includes a label stating the type of product, manufacturer, ingredients used to make the product, place and time of manufacture, any expiration dates that are relevant, and other information.

Thanks to the industrial revolution and the advances made in industry, including such devices as labelling machines, we are able to go to a store and pick up items we need off of a shelf, realizing that those items cost us less, and that the process of choosing items is easier. By having products properly labelled the concept of self-service shopping have developed. Anyone who has ever visited a large discount retail store late at night, or a grocery store at any time of day will automatically pick up a basket to hold purchase, or in some stores grab a wheeled card and just begin shopping, checking the aisles for the goods needed, and then picking up a potential purchase, reading the label and deciding whether or not to purchase the item.

Most people never give a thought however to the technology that makes this task easier. We no longer have to ask a clerk to reach behind the counter to get an item for us. Such industrial advances as the labelling machine have truly made our world an easier place in which to live.


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