A twist on the leaflet label concept has been devised by Avery Dennison Fasson Roll Division which is open to all to adopt, free of any patent or copyright restraints.

The idea exploits the exceptional stability, flexibility and toughness of the ultra-lightweight polyolefin labelstock, Fasson Primax, to create what the company claims is the simplest, most compact and durable form of leaflet
label yet and one which offers an almost unlimited information-carrying capacity.

The text including safety messages, dos-ages, ingredients and instructions, is printed over the adhesive on the reverse of the face material, using a standard roll-label conversion technique. The
adhesive in the text area is then neutralised by overprinting a varnish to prevent the label bonding to itself when it is wound-up and ‘closed’.

An active adhesive area is retained at the inner end of the label to secure it to its host container, whilst a similar adhesive ‘tab’ at the outer and provides the mechanism which allows the wound-up label to be closed tightly on
application and then opened and closed again whenever required.

The surprising effectiveness and practicality of the self-wound leaflet label concept stems entirely from the extreme light weight on-press and end-use performance characteristics of Fasson Primax.

At just 63 microns, the patented polyolefin face film conforms easily to the smallest diameter containers including medical and veterinary ampoule and pharmaceutical phials and allows extended length labels involving several ‘windings’ to be feasibly employed.

The stiffness and dimensional stability of Fasson Primax in its machine direction, which is derived from its revolutionary
manufacturing process, ensures label converters can maintain perfect register in printing on both sides of the film and enables optimum dispensing speeds to be maintained on automatic packaging lines.

At the same time, the film’s cross-web squeezability and elasticity eliminates any risk of labels tearing, however many times they are opened and closed by the end-user.


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