Label converters
are usually considered machines that print, convert and sometimes create from scratch a few labels, but the truth is that most label converters produce more than the occasional label; label converters are usually needed for label mass production too. So, we are really talking here about two completely different necessities.

Smaller companies that cannot afford conventional label converters can get a great deal of leverage employing computers that –thru special software and adequate stock – may emulate label converters in several different ways. These programs come with many different design patterns and extra gadgets, but the extra materials required such as ink or stock must be purchased separately. One of the great advantages of buying computers to emulate label converters is that they can also be used for other things such as word processing or email handling.

The interactive software used by label converters is very similar to many other programs used in industrial companies, yet industrial label converters do require a certain degree of training and practice in order to be adequately used. Label converters are also not the most common type of industrial equipment available in the market, as most companies only produce a fixed amount of label converters per month to satisfy a previously calculated demand. Industrial label converters can be therefore considered specialized equipment.

Label converters have changed a lot these past few years and their possible uses have changed drastically too. Label converters are now required for many other tasks given that label converters are a very dynamic pieces of equipment if properly used by those who know what they want and what to except. From huge industrial equipments to small computer-emulated systems, label converters are commonly found in most industries and offices these days and we may expect them to become even more common in the near future.

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